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If you’ve lived the life of an entrepreneur for some time, you know it can be a 24/7 schedule.

There are successful entrepreneurs and there are struggling entrepreneurs. But trust me, the successful ones are working just as hard, and long as those who feel like they are working all the time and never getting ahead.

You are an entrepreneur if you are working for your own dollar. You rely on no one to hand you an assignment and expect you to complete it for them, in exchange for a paycheck. You do the work to get the ball rolling that brings customers to your door.

You might sell your own hand made items, or have a service you offer, or you may run a full blown business. You may go door to door, or have an online website store, or you may have an actual storefront.

The common thread is that these entrepreneurs do not stop… because they can’t. Their income depends on their hustle.

Marketing (mostly online nowadays) is part of the hustle. If no one knows about your service, you have no customers. Hire someone who has expertise in marketing to do this well for you… otherwise, marketing can take up a large portion of your time.

On the other hand, it’s good to know a little about marketing. And some entrepreneurs make a full time career from it.lady-laptop-couch

With this skillset, you can attract customers to anything you have to offer, including products that aren’t even your own. You can approach other businesses and offer your marketing services for hire, if you know how to bring them customers.

You can also find products to promote, bring customers to those products, and make commissions from each sale. This is called affiliate marketing, and it is the hottest home business opportunity that practically anyone can jump into.

Affiliate marketing is perfect for busy people who need side income, but don’t have time for a second job.

It’s great for college kids to help them generate spending cash, and even those who need to support themselves.

It’a also a great career choice for people who just want to work from home.

Just remember that affiliate marketing is still marketing. You must learn the skills needed to succeed such as;
• paid advertising and copywriting
• landing page development
• and email list management.

As well as marketing funnel basics that include;
• an enticing offer
• a free giveaway
• a trial period
• and a primary offer.

Some affiliate programs offer products to sell, PLUS all the tutorials you need to succeed as an affiliate marketer.

I have my own brick and mortar business, but I also put about 45 minutes a day into promoting affiliate products online. This results in extra spending cash for me, but it can end up paying some of your bills each month if you have more time to spend with it. The full time marketers I know make between $10k and $50k per month just by promoting offers online from their laptops.

Does it take money to make money as an affiliate? It does take some advertising dollars to place your ads in front of the right people. But it’s important to look at the cost of advertising as a constant, because the idea is to get a constant supply of leads to consider buying your offer. Your offer should be one that pays you more for the sale than the money you spent to advertise for it.

There may also be some up front costs associated with learning how to market properly. Some good solid affiliate programs will provide top notch video training, pre-built web pages, phone coaching, and a sales team to do the fulfillment for you. This is the way I chose to go rather than researching all the training on my own. It’s a business minded decision to hire someone to do the busy work for you, and it was the right decision considering my limited time.

Some programs may have a small monthly fee for licensing and ongoing training. But this is always optional.

The marketing skills I’ve learned have helped me earn about $16k online part time over the last 2 years. This was from spending only 45 minutes a day at most. Who knows – if I didn’t have a successful mural painting business already, I may have chosen to be a full time Marketing Entrepreneur instead. But for now, its a nice little side income gig.

If you want to learn more about the program I use, take a look at the overview page and see if it can fit into your schedule:

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