Have you ever been asked: What is your WHY?

Why are you pursuing?

Why are you sacrificing?

Get down to the bottom of this vital question before you decide that everything is too hard.

Or things don’t happen fast enough.

Or you don’t have enough money or time.

Or that you’re just stuck in your current situation.

Let me tell you – if you want things to change, but you aren’t doing anything about it, things won’t change! If things don’t hurt enough, you won’t change. You’ll stay right where you are and accept it.

My WHY… is to live my life enjoying time with my wife!

Not to spend all my time toiling away and scraping by.

Not to spend evenings lamenting about not having enough.

Not to watch other people living their lives and sharing photos of fun times, while I’m worrying about the next paycheck or bill.

I deserve the life I dream of, and I’m deserving of experiencing the things I love in life! I’m built to laugh and frolic and enjoy life, and I’m making it happen.

And you are deserving.

It drives me to help and guide those people who are striving for something better in life, and looking for answers.

My story is about moving from a life of being restricted (by money, time, energy and fun), to taking a huge step and making it all change direction, and gain momentum in the right direction.

Be inspired by the life you want, not the status quo, and commit to the journey it takes to get there.

I’ve created My Online Profit Plan to be your guide and share tools and tips to make the Laptop Lifestyle possible for myself, and anybody else who wants to join me on this journey.

If you’re ready, or struggling to make progress, let’s work together.

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