What is internet marketing?


What is internet marketing and how can I use it to make money and get more customers?

Anyone can use internet marketing techniques to generate an income online without a website, products or  Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

What is SEO?  SEO is a passive form of marketing for your website. You basically build a website, add strategic key words into it, and then proceed to create articles and links, press releases and registrations on other websites in order to show up on the search engines’ radars. The search engines determine the validity of your site based on it’s age, size, visits, queries and content. The more links outside of your website that point back to your website, the more likely the search engines will validate the keywords on your website, and then call on it when someone puts those keywords into a search on the search engine. This takes a lot of time and effort as well as money if you hire a professional (Recommended).

What is internet marketing? You can look at Internet Marketing as an active form of advertising. In this case, you are actively placing ads on the internet in front of people who may be interested in your website, or web page. This is a way to get instant results, because you aren’t waiting for someone to do a search in a search engine… you are basically getting in front of them while they are online with an ad that says “Hey! I know you are interested in this, so come check this out!”. The customer is just going about their business on the internet, and then your ad appears. Although they may not have been looking for your offer at the moment, they became interested in your ad because they have otherwise shown an interest in what you are advertising.

The benefits of knowing how to find people who are interested in things, and placing an ad in front of them, is that you generate a reaction to your action.  Most often the reaction you want is a sale, but it can also be an email address, or a phone call to set an appointment.  And it’s not just limited to your product, you can promote any product on the internet and place it in front of interested leads. This is called affiliate marketing – when you promote someone else’s product and earn a commission from any sales that result.

You can also use internet marketing skills to promote your offline business. In my offline business, I sell mural painting services for homes and businesses. So I would want to find people who like interior design, people who have children, people with businesses, people who like art, people who actively advertise, even people who are searching for mural painting. So now that I know how to find those people, I can generate more visits to my website or offer, and get the phone ringing more consistently. I can even sell products from my website and make sales when I’m not even there. Anyone with an existing business can learn how to do this and increase their profits.

I learned these skills by joining an online business opportunity that shows you how to drive leads to your web page. I am also promoting another business that pays me large commissions for every sale I make for them. All I have to do is send leads to their website, and if the lead becomes a customer and buys, I make a commission. Typically $1,000 per sale for this biz op. That’s not typical. Most affiliate commissions rarely break $50. But I’ve aligned with a top tier company that has everything set up for you and provides a sales team to close those big deals for you. I just needed to learn how to send them leads and the rest happens on the back end. It’s a sweet deal because this income can fund my advertising efforts for both by offline and online business!

So, 2 things you need to make sales online:

  1. Know how to get leads


  2. Have a product or offer to sell online (Your own website)   And/OR…

If you need help with either of these or how to set this up, contact me!


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