Using hashtags on Facebook

Hashtags originated on Twitter (far as I know).

That’s how tweets become “trending” tweets: Everybody uses the same hashtag in their tweet because of a popular subject (example: #katieperry, or #whatcoloristhisdress)

If you want to find all Tweets that mention this hashtag you can just search for it in Twitter: #katieperry.

Facebook eventually caught on, and now has the same features of the hashtag.

However, #people #still #don’tknowhow #to #use #hashtags properly!

  1. When used properly, #hashtags can categorize your Facebook posts into a stream of related posts.
  2. But, they can also take your reader to a page with nothing but your post on it. #ineediceformyachingknee (Who else is going to use this hashtag? There’s no need to do this!)
  3. Even worse, you might use your #hash tag the wrong way, and take your reader to a place you didn’t want them to go! Oh no!

Don’t be a #randomhashtagger. Learn to use them so you get leverage and extra likes from your Facebook traffic, which should be what you’re after anyway.

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