How to stop watching your email

smartphone-at-dinnerHow many times a day are you checking the stats of your “opt-ins” or watching your email for that “sale” notification?

It’s not a bad thing to watch your numbers, but if you are obsessing about if you’ve made a sale today, and you’re not seeing leads coming in, there’s a problem.

Leads are potential customers. So if there is not a steady flow of leads (traffic) looking at your offer, you’re not automatically going to get those wonderful notifications that say “You’ve Made a Sale”.

If you could fill an auditorium with people who are interested in your product, service or offer, you would probably have a lot of conversions.

The point of targeting your leads is that they are already interested in what you have.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on lists, but you do need to keep putting ads in front of people so they find their way to your auditorium for your presentation.

Every business should be doing this, and any business CAN do this.

When your leads are more consistent, you can stop checking your email under the table at dinner hoping to see some good news.

Learn how to get more customers to your offer on demand!

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