The Shark Tank Option vs MTTB

sharkpanelThe reality show “Shark Tank” features successful multi-millionaire tycoons looking for their next business investment.

Basically, these business men and women are investing in already successful businesses, that show promise of becoming HUGE, with the right financial support. Of course they have a vested interest in it’s success, because they usually end up owning up to 30% of the business. The more it makes, the more they profit. They’ll also earn up to 50% interest on their loans to these businesses. (source:

They are successful sharks that bring a world of knowledge and experience to the partnership, and their reputation demands that their businesses succeed. They’re not going to make a hasty business move, it’s all very calculated to succeed. And they know the formulas to do so. So I’d say they earn their high ticket price.  From a business and value point of view… it’s very inspiring to see business minds investing in this way. Fearless and confident.

I wouldn’t exactly want to sit in their chair and do what they do, but I can directly relate to the leverage they have and their formulas for success…

You CAN build a business that does that, without investing startup cash into it – it’s called Licensing. My Top Tier Business is the business that provides the same investor’s model used by moguls like Warren Buffet, Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg, and Mark Cuban and company. That business model is available for anyone, and provides Top Ticket high demand products for you to leverage. It’s sales generate $50M per year, and pays out most of those profits to it’s partners! All you have to do is send leads to the business, and the rest is done for you.

Here’s how My Top Tier Business (MTTB) relates to the Shark’s business model:

Sharks: Invest in an already successful business.
MTTB: Invest in an already successful business.

Sharks: Own 30% of the business and profits
MTTB: Own License Rights that earn 50%-90% of your sales.

Sharks: Must restructure the existing business, launch ad campaigns, manage everything
MTTB: Leverage existing tools in the business, Launch ad campaigns

Sharks:  an average $200,000 investment paid back with interest over specified time frame.
MTTB: an average $1,997 investment paid back in 2 sales.

Sharks: Rely on the cooperation of the business owner.
MTTB: Rely only on your own marketing and lead efforts. Everything else is done for you.

I realized this benefit while watching Shark Tank one day. With My Top Tier Business, I’m basically able to be a shark as well, without the blood.

Learn about Licensing MTTB here:

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