Search Advertising vs. Social Advertising


Ready to advertise on the internet?
Let’s discuss your options between 2 types of approaches:  Search Advertising and Social Advertising

Search PPC Advertising (Google/Yahoo/Bing/YouTube) is very targeted and powerful for the following reasons:

  • Use Keywords that people are already typing in to search engines
  • Market to people ready to buy
  • Market to people shopping for options or opportunities
  • Market to your competitor’s audience

This is a very precise form of advertising, because your audience is already thinking about your offer.

FaceBook PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising is the primary Social Platform chosen to advertise with. It’s just so huge and so powerful, and there are many levels you can take it beyond a basic ad.

I use FaceBook advertising to leverage social currency. In other words, you can appeal to people more deeply with social advertising than with search advertising, because they have indicated things they are interested in.

This type of advertising is more life offering your audience a carrot, because they aren’t shopping when they see your ad, but they have indicated that they like carrots.

Here are some of the things you can do with social ad campaigns:

  • Build a free list with Fan Page likes
  • Market to people specifically interested in the things you offer
  • Market to people of specific age groups, status, location and spending habits
  • Create Custom Audiences, Import your own email list to market to
  • Retarget (place ads that follow your custom audience around facebook)

And so much more. It’s powerful, but you have to know how and when to use it to keep your costs down, and you must play by the rules!

When to use each?

Example #1: Search Advertisingcamera

Let’s say you have a specific brand of camera to sell.

Do you advertise that on Google/Yahoo/Bing? or Facebook?

I’d recommend search advertising for such a specific product, because someone would likely know what they want, and they would type the name into a search.

Alternatively, Facebook advertising could not allow such specific targeting. You can only target people who like camera categories or other pages about cameras, but not the actual camera.

In this case, search advertising would be a direct hit.

Example #2: Social Advertising

In this example, let’s use my own artwork that I want to promote to people whom I think would like it.camoing-sunset-sm

I create artwork that evokes emotion of peace and serenity. Of relaxation and quiet contemplation. The scenery usually contains sky, sunset, misty light, and usually nature with no people. It’s artwork that makes you want to go there and escape.

I could do a search ad for “Peaceful artwork”, or “camping artwork”. However, there is not enough search volume for something so specific. I would not get very many views.

With Facebook, I can specifically get my ad in front of people who like similar things that my descriptors relate to. Things like:
Yoga, Meditation, Vacation, Camping. And pages such as: “Meditation Masters”, “Camping”, “Travel+Leisure”, etc.  Plus, I can use the power of Fan Pages to build an experience around the customers who click on my ad.

In this case, Facebook advertising would be a direct hit.

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These were 2 examples of applied advertising that might indicate it would be a good idea to know how and when to use both. I’ve learned the ropes from start to finish from fantastic traffic training online.

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