Placing Ads Online To Promote Your Offer

In this Post I discuss how to properly plan for your online ad to promote your offer, which also answers the burning question, how to get paid to place ads online.

Go through these steps to define your audience, their need, and tie them into your offer. Writing the ads, from the keywords to the sales page takes congruency, meaning the same wording should be present throughout. I will cover writing and placing ads in the next post.

First off, what do you have to offer?

“I promote a top tier offer; a high paying online business franchise, that allows you to earn commissions for selling the license rights, the products, or the Mastermind retreats with the top earners.

There’s no phone selling and no inventory, you just place ads online and let the sales team close the sales for you.

A brick and mortar franchise like McDonald’s will cost you half a million to a million to start, and you need to pay a licensing fee each year, among other headaches.

With this offer, you only pay $1,997 one time for the License Rights Franchise, and you can earn 90% commissions for life.

Like any franchise, you will be trained in a video series to understand how the business works, how you earn, and how to get started.”

Who needs your offer?
To get started with promoting your offer, you need to define an audience.

“In my case, it’s any person who needs additional income, people who want a high paying business they can run from home, affiliate marketers, and investors.”

Where do you want them to end up?

“I have an affiliate link that will send my leads to a sales page, with a free webinar about how to run a successful online business.”

How do you get them there?
This is the “work” part that you will do to earn income. You need to place ads on the internet that target your audience. Typically, using Bing/Yahoo, Google and Facebook. I will cover this part in detail in another post.

What do you want to tell them in the ad?
Typically, you want to address their pain, and offer a solution.

“In my case, I want to invite them to a webinar that will reveal the business model and plan that can they can follow to increase their online revenue.”

The writing is critical in order to bring your audience to the offer that resonates with them. I will cover this part in more detail in another post.

Where do they go when they click on the ad?
The first place your lead will go from your ad is to a capture page, or to a blog post like this. If you don’t have a capture page, you can set one up here: lead capture page. A capture page can just be a safe landing page with a short video of you describing your offer, and then a button to send them to your company’s sales page.

What do you say on the capture page or blog?
This is where you explain the solution in a headline or post, and offer a call to action (sign in to watch the free video).

“In my campaign, I am split testing the blog as my landing page. One ad will be promoting the discussion on “How To Place An Ad To Promote Your Online Offer”. The ad will land on this blog page here. 

The second ad will be an invitation to the webinar on how to create income from an online business, and will go to another blog HERE.

Note, this BLOG method is not capturing emails. The emails will be captured by my company when the lead registers for the webinar. 

If you’d like to capture emails for your own list (recommended), send your leads to your own lead capture page where you introduce the next page they’re about to see, in exchange for entering their email address.”

That’s pretty much all you have to do to promote your offer. Place ads using this outline.

There are advanced marketing strategies I can help you with, but this is about the simplest way to get started with promoting your offer online.

I will be uploading the video of how I do this for more details on this process.

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