My Journey Into an Online Business

“The business education alone changed my perception of wealth and how to acquire it.”

I developed this blog as part of my journey to creating additional income for the purpose of:

  • Supporting my ideal lifestyle
  • Providing more freedom of choice to my life
  • Transitioning from a trading time-for-money business, to an automated business

The bottom line is that if you are reading this, you are either business-minded, or entrepreneurial.  And the idea of owning your own business is to

  1. serve a purpose
  2. fulfill a need
  3. create limitless income
  4. and to be free from a boss or work schedule.

But all businesses are not created equally.

Most startup business owners are overworked and underpaid, facing debt, endless hours, employee headaches, inventory nightmares, no free time, and struggle.

That’s not the picture we dream of! But that was me!

  • I wasn’t raised to be money aware, I was raised to save money.
  • I didn’t know entrepreneurship, I had to develop it, and struggle to shed my employee mindset.
  • I spent years hating being a business owner because of those traits, and as a result, I struggled with earning enough income and working too much.

After years of hitting a wall and having no freedom, I began to search for online income opportunities.

I found that there are 2 types of income opportunities online that might suit me and my situation:

  1. Affiliate marketing, where you can earn a little cash on the side.
  2. Online Businesses, where you can create a career, and a full time income running a pre-built business.
  • Low startup cost (preserve your working capital)
  • Pre-Developed, High Demand Products (no need to create products or hold inventory)
  • Customer service and phone sales teams (no need for employees)
  • Work from anywhere with just your laptop and internet (freedom)
  • Training and guidance to boost your businesses success (minimize failure)

It was obvious to me if I wanted things to change, I had to change some things and stop spinning my wheels.

After much research, testing and consideration, I decided to go with the highest paying online franchise business available. After all, if you are going to start a business, do yourself a favor and dive in to the top level so you don’t waste time with small-time offers.

It seemed a little intimidating at first, seeing that there are veteran online entrepreneurs in this business who are raking in $50k/month. I wondered if that was possible for me too.

What I quickly discovered is that everyone has the same equal opportunity to earn top tier commissions from this business. It has nothing to do with status. Of course, experience helps your success, but that’s true with any industry.

Additionally, the coaching and training I mentioned is available each week via video courses, webinars and direct coaching from these same top earners.

Tapping into my coaches and training, I was able to earn around $10k working this online business part-time, while running my full time Mural Painting Business. Now that I have an idea of what I’m doing, I’m moving forward with my plan to run my new business full time, and helping my team along the process of getting their new online business running. This business franchise training changed who I am as a business person! I have a totally new approach to business and money now. I’ve learned that it’s ok to be wealthy and to use money to make money. Because my pure intent is to ultimately help others!

What does this business do?

The business provides training products to the online business industry. Products that help entrepreneurs understand how to earn income from the internet, how to promote your business with online ads, and how to get customers to visit your website (traffic).

You become a franchise owner of these products, and you will learn how to promote them to earn income.

Additionally, you can promote the franchise itself, and make higher commissions.

Finally, you can become a mastermind partner in the business and attend the all expenses paid training events in exotic resorts, so you can build your business like the elite. As a mastermind partner, you can promote these retreats as well, and earn the highest commissions anywhere online.

All the training is provided for you, and all the sales are closed for you as well!

This is a true franchise business without all the hassle.

To learn more about the business, watch the free orientation video on the following page.


At the end of the presentation, you can go through the franchise training and begin promoting the training products as a standard affiliate. You must qualify by applying on the registration page.

Join my Online Business Team

I want to show you the steps to take, so you can start profiting quickly! 

Working on my team, you’ll get special bonuses:online-Income-blueprint-ecoversmebook-onlinebiz-3d-crop

  • My Online Income Blueprint
  • A Free Copy of How to Profit From an Online Business
  • A Free Lead Capture Page, and Setup Assistance
  • Fast-Track Ad Order Assistance
  • Access to my FaceBook Team Mastermind Group
  • Reserved-Seat Access to my Training Webinars
  • Ad Setup Assistance, Review and Recommendations
  • Direct Access Coaching via Voxer

Click below to watch the overview video, and then fill out the form on the next page to complete the application process for the 21 Step Online Franchise Training Program (MTTB).  After applying, you’ll be emailed the login details to the members area, so you can get started on my team with your new business right away!


If you have any questions in the meantime, my contact information is below:

Contact: 720-663-9813


Skype: garygomez


YouTube: Gary Gomez Success Channel

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