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Will it work? Will it cost money? Is it hard?

Before you make these your first questions, realize that anything of value is going to require time, money, effort or other sort of investment in order to receive the returns from it. From selling a Mr. Coffee on Craigslist to getting paid to be a Personal Trainer, to making an affiliate commission online and so on. You have to earn your buck. Nothing comes for free.

The better question is: “Am I ready for the success I could achieve if I focus on this and decide to make it work?” When money begins to come to us, we have new responsibilities. Believe it or not, some people avoid this change and will make excuses so they can stay in their comfort zone even if it’s struggle. MTTB teaches you to prapare with your mindset first, so you can begin to allow money to be a part of who you are.

What is MTTB/MOBE?

MTTB/MOBE is basically an online affiliate commission based business model. You can become an affiliate and promote their products, and you can invest in the license rights and begin promoting the business. When you own the license rights, you essentially now have a business you can operate. And it pays you big commissions. You are provided with all the marketing materials and sales pages ready to use. It’s up to you to advertise and promote the business, and send leads to the sales pages. The sales team does the dirty work of closing the deals for you.

Here’s the process you go through when you join;

  1. When you join for $49, you will essentially go through training on the business and how it works, and learn the best way to run a profitable business online. It’s not just showing you how to make a quick affiliate commission sale, it shows you how to leverage licensing, how to recruit targeted buyers, and how to scale up and be sustained by your online business. You are assigned a coach to work with you and answer your questions.
  2. Next you have an option to purchase the license rights for $1,997. This is your investment into a profitable business that gives you access to re-sell the license rights and any info products they have for 90% commissions. You can make $1,000 per sale of the license rights, and average $100 commission for sale of the info products. When you promote the business opportunity, people go through the same steps you went through. So you want to advertise to those types of people who want an online business.
  3. You will then start marketing online. Placing ads and driving traffic to the sales pages is all you have to do. You get all the training and guidance you need within the business, and a traffic coach to help you, but it takes commitment to learn and apply this new skillset consistently. There is a very quick way to become good at this step and I can show you how.

You make $1,000 commission from a sale of the license rights. The sales team sells this for you. You can make back your $2,000 investment in 2 sales of the License rights, and then it’s all profit from there. The sales team also promotes the partnering opportunities to your leads, which could result in $3,000 and $5,000 commissions for you without your involvement, but you have to be a partner to earn the higher commissions. Your only expense after partnering is your own advertising efforts. But if you get better at placing ads, and be smart about targeting your leads, your advertising will be more likely to convert.

There is still a ton of free advertising you can do if you are on a low budget, and you will need to talk to people more often that way. However, thats the best way to close a deal. I made more sales offline so far.

That’s it. The honest overview of the business. It’s not a scam, but if you want to change your life and have more income than your current job life provides, you need to get serious about something that can actually do this for you… and not make excuses if something doesn’t work because you didn’t apply yourself properly.

My decent results part time

Here is a screen capture of my commissions in MOBE during the first 8 months off-and-on. I have my own brick and mortar business and I only had a little amount of time to promote MTTB.


My results Part Time

You can see that I got a few sales when I was promoting it, and then I took a break for a few months. I started casually promoting again in May and got some more commissions. When this happens, you want to get better at it and learn more about marketing, so you can replicate these results. When I put my full attention into this, my results will be more impressive.  The point is, I’m just a normal person using the system and showing that is does work.

Full Time Results

You can see by my friend’s photo below that this is what the results will look like if you are promoting full time, and very good at finding targeted buyers. These $49 sales will start their training, and work with a coach. They will eventually get to the point where they can get the license rights. When they become a licensee, this affiliate will automatically see $1,000 show up in his account. Some members have figured out their advertising so well that they are getting these types of conversions almost daily. That adds up to $30K/month (not counting the bonus upsells). It is indeed possible to achieve this.


Full-Time Results


So, you CAN make this work, but you have to fit into the role of having a business mindset, the fortitude to apply yourself to learning how to be a good marketer, the investment courage to place your money into a system that will generate returns, and the will to start a new business and leave behind a life that you are uncomfortable with.

I’ve demonstrated that you can make some income on the side, but I’m aiming for bigger things. If you treat it like a business it will pay you like a business.

Contact me if you are interested to learn more about transitioning from your current life to a laptop lifestyle, learning how to create your own products, or learning how to place ads online that work: >> Work with Gary <<

Or, take a tour of the MOBE business, and see for yourself:


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