How to Work Online Full Time (Q&A with an internet millionaire)

Episode 11: Ask an Online Business Millionaire

What would you say to people who aren’t sure about breaking away from their 9-5 job?

Most people are conditioned by society to believe we should get a job and have security with a fixed income.

Then you hear about other entrepreneurs who went off to work online, and built businesses and made lots of money on their own… you start to think “Well, maybe I can do this too.”

So you start by trying it as a hobby in the evenings. Maybe you found some online product or courses that offer ways to make money online.

But at some point you have to decide if you want it to be a full time business, or a hobby that just fills your time in the evenings. You have to decide if you want to give up the safety net of having a job, benefits, etc., in exchange for going at it on your own to create an income with no limits, but also no guarantees.

People struggle with this transition, because they aren’t sure if they have it in them to succeed.

However, most of the successful entrepreneurs have also struggled with this decision to make the break.

>> Hear Matt’s story of how he decided to go for it in Episode 11 <<

“It’s all or nothing. There is no middle ground. No one ever builds a great company having the attitude of I’ll just do it a few hours each night. When I finally made the decision, there were some things in my way that I had to take care of - the safety nets that can hold you back. I decided to stop doing my side jobs, and even withdraw from the university. I also decided to “cut off” my incoming school loan funding. Basically, I burned all my safety net bridges so I had no choice but to make my new business a success. There were scary periods where it didn’t seem like things would pan out, but the mindset of HAVING to make it work, is critical to actually finding ways to make it work. By keeping that success mindset and never giving up, you will surprisingly find ways to make it happen. "

There will always be challenges you will have to overcome. Make sure you have that success mindset and resolve before you even set out on this journey.

Be absolutely certain that the business you are pursuing has a solid plan, education, guidance, and a solid way to make money with it.

This is why Matt created his Online business education program. It’s for people who want to test the waters with making income online, before making the transition. Find out more about how this course can prepare you for the transition to creating your own income.

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