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If you are in internet marketing you know what the term Drive Traffic means. You can send visitors to your online offer all day long by buying lists. But beware of cheap lists or offers from fiverr.com to get you 1000 leads for $5. These kind of lists are not targeted, and not likely to be interested in your offer. That’s why they are so cheap.

But even so-called “targeted lists” that you can buy from a broker can be full of old leads. At some point in the past these leads showed an interest in a certain market. It may have been a long time ago. So they’ve already seen who-knows how many offers from people like you. They are less likely to become a customer. They aren’t really targeted to YOU.

That does not simply mean that more expensive is better. If you only want to buy leads, buy from a targeted source DIRECTLY associated with your offer’s organization. They are usually the most expensive, but worth it because they are qualified as already interested in your offer, and they are the most likely to buy if you run your sales funnel well. Paying customers means that the cost you spent on advertising just got paid for.

Ultimately, you will have the most control and become the most successful if you know how to market to find your own leads, and plop them directly into your sales funnel. If you are aligned with a company (Biz Op or MLM) that has sales funnels set up to do the selling for you, that’s powerful leverage, so you should combine your marketing funnel with your company’s sales funnel for best results, until you perfect your own sales funnel.

The best biz op (or MLM) companies will provide training on how to market their product. Some charge extra for the training and others include it in their membership. But you should always seek out your own continuing training, mentorships and mastermind courses.

Here are some important tips to master for online success:

  • Know how to market to find your own targeted leads
  • Provide Tremendous Value
  • Drive those targeted leads through your sales funnel (Drive Targeted Traffic)
  • Profit from the leads that don’t buy your main offer
  • Get Continual Training

If you have an offer, and would like to get more targeted leads, as well as master the above items, PLUS:

  • Live Interactive Coaching Calls and Webinars
  • Untapped Traffic Sources
  • Twitter, Facebook & Mobile Lead Secrets
  • 1 on 1 Business Consultation
  • Marketing Strategies for Home Business Pros
  • Recruiting Tips for Network Marketers

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