Fine Tune Your Online Marketing with Click Tracking

If you aren’t tracking your clicks, you can’t tell what your lead is doing within your funnel.

Recently, I launched a new campaign with a targeted audience. There are tracking links on every button and hyperlink, including those in my email auto responder.

When you launch a new campaign, this is how you can tell where someone goes and when they stop their momentum. This is how you are able to tweak your campaign for better lead follow through.

Having a successful campaign is all about monitoring and tweaking. What do you tweak?

You tweak your written and visual message based on what your targeted lead is doing within your funnel.

If the lead is not opting in to my capture page, I need to adjust the message congruency or image. If the lead looks at each section of my campaign, I know they are interested, so I can boost communication with those leads.

Watch what they’re doing with click tracking and you’ll know what to adjust.

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