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Every successful business is going to have a niche market. That’s why there are different types of businesses in the same industry.

The largest companies don’t advertise their product or service, but rather their mission.

They advertise “what they believe their customer will gain from using their product or service”:


“Time with family” can be used to advertise a reliable car.

“Confidence” can be used to advertise a health food diet or program.

If you start a business hoping to appeal to everyone, you will fail.

If you advertise your product and how great it is, nobody will be attracted to your ad.

Here’s an exaggerated example of advertising a product (a big rock):

“Look at this great big rock; Look how stable it is, and how it won’t move because it’s heavy. It’s a great rock to have because it’s the best rock ever!”

Why would someone respond to that ad? Who is it for? You see, there is no target audience.

Now, here’s how you could advertise the benefit of that rock to a niche audience:

“Fitness is a lifestyle. When you’re stretching before your run, or coming home and taking off your biking cleats to watch the sunset, the Awesome Rock is the perfect sports bench that looks beautiful outside your home.”

Notice that there is a definitive audience for your product, and the product is named “The Awesome Rock” not the fitness rock. This keeps your options open to appeal to a new market with a different campaign.

When you find the niche audience you want to reach with your product or service, stay consistent with your message and build your advertising campaign around that niche.

To find a niche that you can relate to, and that can relate to you, a good place to start is to look at yourself and discover your WHY:

  1. Why did YOU use this product or service in the first place? Go much deeper than “money”. Money is not the end goal, it is just a means to the end goal.
  2. What lifestyle benefit have you enjoyed (or witnessed) from this product or service?
  3. What excites you about the benefit your product will provide?

Now you have a niche reason (a benefit) that you know and understand. All you need to do is define that type of person, who is just like you, and advertise these benefits to that audience.

If you need a hand defining your niche audience, let’s talk it out!

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