Cloak and Mask Your Affiliate Links


If you are promoting affiliate products, you’ve likely been blocked by Facebook for using your links directly in your ads or through messenger:


Additionally, your affiliate links are UGLY! It’s just a mess of letters and numbers, and often your link will have the “aff=” in there.

NOT cool if you want to make a good impression.

Here is an example of a blocked link, and then the same link handsomely cloaked through your own WordPress site, using LinkSupercharger:

Link supercharger uploads to your WordPress site, and gives you a direct access login like this:

Then, you just paste your affiliate link, and add a name that will be appended to YOUR website name!

The result is night and day!

From this UGLY thing:

To this:

It works on Facebook!

Only $29.95 for life and free updates!

Click the image below, or on my handsome link to get your copy!


P.S. – For link cloaking AND tracking, check out ClickMagick HERE:

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