Before You Join an Online Business

If you are hesitant to join a business on the Internet that is based on commissions, don’t worry, that’s natural. But you should know a few things ahead of time…

First of all, an online business is a very real and fruitful opportunity, but you should do your research. I’m here to help by sharing what I learned during my research.

I was looking for a way to make income on the side of my current business, so I went online. It took a month to research the online business I eventually joined, and here’s what I found;

  • All online business opportunities will have naysayers posting poor reviews – these are people who did not do the required work to get results. 
  • For legitimate online business programs, these opportunities will have successful people with testimonials… And some way to contact them or read their blog!
  • Some online money making offers are not businesses at all. They are just tutorials or products that you can promote. But you are on your own if you choose to do this. (I needed some more guidance and help than just one product.)

I’m now a part of a fantastic commission based business that had mostly positive reviews on the internet. The successful people were real, and I talked to some of them before joining. 

And my personal testimonial, is that I get paid when I do the work to generate sales. I’ve earned about $9,600 with one of my businesses and almost $4,500 with another – part time while running my mural painting business. That’s not up there with the big earners (yet), but the money I do make is real! 

It’s absolutely possible for you to make commissions online if:

  1. You understand that its success relies on your own ability to work hard and follow instructions. Basically, you’ll need to run it like a business owner. 
  2. You understand that being a part of a system that generates commissions for you will require an investment fee (usually $50-$2,000). This is because you are actually licensing a system, or buying a franchise, that does a lot of the work for you. Once you earn your investment back, the rest is profit. That’s business.
  3. You understand that you are getting into internet marketing. Which simply means you are now an advertiser for the business you are a licensee with. Your job is to advertise their products or service, and each time a customer buys something, you will make a commission. The better you get at advertising and marketing online, the more success you will have. 
  4. You understand that becoming a better marketer requires study, training, practice, and consistent application. Most online businesses offer this training for you. 

I love marketing. It’s a lot like fishing. So make sure it’s something you would be interested in doing part time or full time online. It’s just not going to be worthwhile if you don’t enjoy it. If you are curious to learn more, I’m happy to explain in further detail what advertising/marketing tasks you actually need to do. Or you can read this related post to learn more:

So do your research and look for real people in the industry that use the business you’re considering, and who actually have an online presence, and a way to contact them. (Like me!)

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