About Gary Gomez

Become the person you were meant to be. Escape the trap of overworking for a boss or your business, and reclaim your life!



Gary Gomez is an Online Business Mentor, Internet Marketer, Professional Mural Artist, former Mr. World, Drug-Free Bodybuilding Champion, Athlete, Drummer, and lover of life and good people.

My mission is Empowering people to to manifest change and attract their desires through Body, Mind, Business and Spirit.

Throughout my life I have pursued excellence. If there is ever a challenge in my path, I find a way to conquer it and grow stronger from the experience.

My biggest challenge was becoming an independent entrepreneur. Talk about stepping outside my comfort zones! But I knew this was a necessary route to take me out of the trading time-for-money trap that I was stuck in with my painting business.

You see...Overworking simply takes you away from who you really are. And I'm the kind of person that wants to get the most out of my life and make the best use of the gifts I was given.

Supplemental and automated income is the key to freeing up your time, your spirit, and your ability to pay it forward. I'm not ashamed to admit that money provides freedom of choice, and I am in pursuit of total freedom, so that I am available to those people in the world who can benefit from my help and inspiration.

You can read about my journey into the online business world here: My Online Journey


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